A Radio in the Prison is a note in Outlast: Whistleblower.

It is acquired by recording a conversation between a security guard and a Murkoff executive regarding a radio in the Hospital.


A Radio in the Prison
"There's a radio. In the prison. Short wave. If it's electronic I can make it talk, make it work for me. There's hope, Lisa. I'm coming home to you. My mistake was subtlety, like you always said. I thought leaking information to a few journalists was the safer way. I didn't want the spotlight, the attention. Murkoff is dangerous, I know that. I thought I had to be subtle for your sake, Lisa, and for the boys.
But I should have exposed what Murkoff is doing to the world, I should have shouted to anyone and everyone. I can't die. Not before I reach the radio. They can't cover this up now. It's too broken, too dangerous."