Accept my Suicide is a document in Outlast 2.

It is located on a bible stand from within the well in The Chapel, directly in front of a pit full of corpses.


DOC VS2 GodKnows

"God knows what I've done. And he forces my eyes on it when I am weak and when I am scared. It was not my fault that Judah could not swim, nor the lust he felt for me. I would have saved him had I the strength. I do not doubt you God, but please spare me the suffering of such forced dreams even when I do not sleep. I cannot keep watching him down.

Accept my death as penance as I am newly heavy with Papa Knoth's child and wracked with pains such as I have never known. Surely the infant in my womb must be the archfiend for the affliction of nightmares and agonies that fill and surround me. I am yours."