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"Open those eyes. You don't have to wake up, but open your eyes."
―Andrew talking to Waylon after being strapped into a chair.

Andrew is one of the scientists who works for the Murkoff Corporation and a minor antagonist in Outlast: Whistleblower. He appears at the very beginning of the game.


After Waylon Park was captured, he was taken to a Morphogenic Engine testing facility, where Andrew and another scientist strapped the barely conscious Waylon into a chair. He hits and sadistically mocks Waylon, before having him exposed to the Morphogenic therapy. Andrew soon leaves in a hurry, after he was informed by one of his co-workers that Billy Hope has achieved "lateral ascension" with the project.

Andrew is not seen ever since, and his fate remains unknown.


Like most of Murkoff's employees, Andrew shows very little, if not any empathy towards Waylon. It is implied that he may have been a sexual sadist who abused the patients, as he first hits and then licks Park while prepping him for the Morphogenic Engine therapy. Unused dialogue reveals Andrew's cowardly side, as he is heard pleading for mercy to Waylon.

Physical description

Andrew appears as a middle-aged man with fairly toned skin and blue eyes. Like other scientists, he wears a blue hazmat suit to protect himself from the Morphogenic Engine's effects, as well as black Chelsea boots and matching chemical gloves.



  • Andrew and Steve share the same character model. The model's dubbed as "Scientist Licker" in game's files.
  • Originally there was a sequence in which Waylon meets Andrew again. Unused dialogue suggests that he would have been restrained and the player would have had the choice to either untie or leave him to be murdered by a group of patients.