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Anna Lee is a mentioned character in Outlast 2. She was the daughter of Ethan and part of the community of the Testament of the New Ezekiel at Temple Gate. Her death serves as the catalyst for the events of Outlast 2.


Anna, like her parents, was a member of the Testament of the New Ezekiel. The family far from prospered in the cult however, as Anna’s mother had fallen ill and was cast out out by the cult, and Anna herself was raped and impregnated by Sullivan Knoth by the time she was fifteen. Knoth later decreed that the child she was carrying from her raping was the Anti-Christ, and was to be slit out of Anna’s belly and be killed. Before it could be done, her father helps her escape by spinning stories and leading the cult members in circles. Aided by a her uncle Paul, Anna managed to escape the wilderness successfully by way of hitching a ride with a passing truck driver. She made it to a hospital, though unconscious on arrival, and gave birth to a baby boy described as, "Remarkably healthy [...] considering the state of the mother." by Anna's doctor. She remained unconscious until a visiting Paul Marion comments that the tattoo on her chest is of 'the countless wheels of Ezekiel'; upon hearing this Anna awoke suddenly and became hysterical, ranting about Knoth ("the New Ezekiel") taking and killing her baby before having a seizure. Marion ran to get a doctor but she was killed by Pauline Glick to prevent Murkoff's involvement in Temple Gate from going public, having recognised Anna as a victim of Murkoff by her ramblings.

The circumstances of her fate piqued the curiosity of investigative reporters Lynn and Blake Langermann and ultimately resulted in the beginning of their investigation surrounding her death and the environment where she was found.