Billy's Dreams is a document in Outlast.

It is located in room A 224, found by turning right after climbing up the air duct in room A 223 to escape Chris Walker in Return to the Administration Block.


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subject: Patient WILLIAM HOPE

Heya Cindy-

Another "interesting" conversation with Billy this morning. He says he's been talking to Dr. Wernicke again for his therapy "in the white place." I'm disturbed by the fact his delusions have only gotten worse with medication, (which isn't in the literature for benzodiazepine.)

In any case, his dead doctor friend is filling his head with German folklore. Apparently the only thing that can kill The Walrider are vampiric butterflies vomited from a demon called "Horerczy." The butterflies suck the breath from people's lips and drink blood from their nipples. They can also take the form of emaciated upright pigs, or sick dogs. So Billy's got that going for him.

You'd mentioned Billy talking about his mother's tattoos before, are any of them by chance tattoos of butterflies? Next time I get outside of the Murkoff firewall, I'm going to look online and see if there's any actual basis in German folklore, or if Billy's making this garbage up from whole cloth.

Would love to compare notes sometime. Wouldn't mind doing it over a glass of wine. ;). Gets lonely up here on Two.



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