Blue Beard's Wives is a note found in Outlast: Whistleblower.

It is acquired by recording the gymnasium filled with corpses hanging from the ceiling in the Vocational Block.


Blue Beard's Wives
"Bodies hanging like wet laundry, like skinned rabbits. Men mutilated, hunted, and murdered. The shortest distance between any two points separates violence and ruined lust. Whatever story he's telling himself, he's not making women to bear his children, he's making women to kill them.
Lisa, I want you to burn this place and any evidence it ever existed to the ground. Destroy the Murkoff Corporation. Bury it in shame, take away its money, wipe it from history.'
This man thinks he's in love. He thinks the therapy made him better. Everything reeks of death and fear. Piss and coppery blood, meat decomposing to game."


  • The note has its title based off of the French folktale of a serial killer named Bluebeard who killed his many wives save for one woman who manages to outsmart him.