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"Consume the flesh and spice it well! Let the bones be burned!"

Corgan is a minor antagonist in Outlast 2 who appears as a member of the Testament of the New Ezekiel.


Corgan is first encountered at the beginning of the game watching Blake Langermann enter Temple Gate, before backing away into the darkness. Later on, as Blake stumbles into a room with a mangled corpse lying on a bed, Corgan lunges out at him from the dark and violently thrashes him around before shoving him down a staircase.

Corgan, along with several cultists, pursues Blake through several buildings until Blake blocks Corgan off with some wreckage next to a doorway in a dormitory. However, Corgan quickly makes his way around and barges into the dormitory, forcing Blake to sneak his way out. After this, he is not seen again until the very end of the game, where his corpse is seen among the rest of the dead cultists.

Physical description

Corgan is a large, bald and clean shaven middle-aged man with pale skin and blue eyes. He is covered in the blood of his previous victims, due to it not appearing to be his own. He wears a grey button shirt with suspenders fastened onto his belt, trousers and dark green Wellington boots.


  • Corgan is never properly introduced in the game. His name is only seen on in-game files and on a promotional image title for Outlast 2.
  • If the player is quick enough, it is possible to sprint up to and make physical contact with Corgan in The Crash while he watches Blake, which will result in Corgan instantly killing him.
  • On harder difficulties, an executioner will accompany Corgan in the dormitory, in which the former will enter through the basement.
  • Although his canonical death is via cyanide poisoning, several impaled heads around Temple Gate feature Corgan's head model. This is likely a mistake that was overlooked by the developers.