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Courtyard is the fifth chapter of Outlast.


Miles escapes from the Male Ward, and exits through the same exit that Trager had jokingly showed him before taking him to the Male Ward. Once outside, Miles travels left, finding a shed with a key inside. Opposite the fountain, he finds another shed, that leads into a room where the Walrider moves towards him. He climbs up a ladder he finds outside and jumps a broken segment of roofing. He then makes several jumps until he goes through a hole in a fence, and then travels along the upper level until he discovers another hole.

After jumping through the hole, he enters an open area that Chris Walker is patrolling. Miles evades him, passing Variants along the fence, and eventually comes to stacks of pallets, which he climbs to safety. He then shimmies along a wall, and enters another area; however, when he attempts to go down an alley with an apparent exit, he is ambushed by Walker. After evading him, Miles goes into the alley, to the right, and through a hole in the wall that Walker cannot fit through. He then enters the Female Ward through an open window.

Video Walkthrough


Outlast CH. 5 Courtyard - Gameplay Walkthrough HD No Commentary

Notes & Documents


  • This chapter contains the least amount of objectives in the game.
  • Due to the low visibility and low lighting, this is often the chapter in which players will use most of their batteries. A convenient fix for this is the fact that two batteries are in the bottom of the elevator shaft.
  • An Easter egg can be found in this chapter, if the player uses his night vision in the first shed and looks above the key's location, they will see the chalk outline of a chainsaw, which is a reference to a scene from Evil Dead 2.
  • After jumping across the first hole on the roof, the player can see on the left a Variant sitting on the side of the roof next to a handheld transceiver, which he likely used to call for help.
  • A pre-release screenshot shows other Variants lurking around the courtyard. This suggests that the chapter originally contained other enemies besides Chris Walker.