Dear Father is a document in Outlast 2.

It is located in a house near the beginning of the game in The Crash, where Corgan stands right next to it watching Blake before he disappears into the dark.


DOC Crash DearFather

"Dear Father,

Our loving God continues to bless me with visions and I know more certain than ever that the Enemy is nearer every day. I was scrubbing the stains from the floor of Daniel's room when the blessed music rose inside me and sank me into true sight where I saw a creature like the burning sun but with inward rings of teeth upon teeth and dangling beneath limbs that I took to be arms but were cocks that rose in childing purpose and as this monstrous sun descended, it fucked the earth and birthed some great slouching horror from the fire. I was filled with the same fear, so great that I could not breath nor move and saw myself all those years back blinding Daniel with the lye and tried to weep but could not and when I woke I found myself wet with lusting, painfully desirous to feel a man inside me and the feeling was not so far different from the fear. I tried to comfort myself with your teachings, "terror is as joy in the movement of God," but I would take greater comfort in your manhood inside me and a firm prayer that the antichrist be strangled in my womb. The most faithful of your flock in holy longing,