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Murkoff Account's Epilogue was released on November 17, 2017.[1]


The beginning shows Sullivan Knoth poisoning the last of his followers before making his way into the church where Blake Langermann is. It then shows that the Radio Towers that are part of the Murkoff facility are being swarmed by ants, who are controlled by the Walrider, and the towers are knocked over and cause an explosion, along with a large emission of light.

Next, we see Pauline Glick talking to her underlings and is angry that someone, most likely Simon Peacock, has leaked information to Paul Marion and are unable to find Marion.

Murkoff workers in hazmat suits are pulling the dead bodies from all over Temple Gate and they have found Blake Langermann alive, but catatonic, without a baby, proving that he hallucinated it. Glick wants him thoroughly psychologically analyzed to figure out what has happened. She then states that she wants Marion found, preferably dead for he is dangerous alive.

Paul, meanwhile, has been tied up and interrogated by Peacock at an unknown location. Simon is searching for The Walrider and asks what Paul knows. Paul tells him that it was destroyed by Murkoff. When pushed further about Miles Upshur and Billy Hope, Paul says that Miles is dead, and Billy is dead twice. Marion wants to know what Peacock wants from him, and Peacock says in a complicated way that the Walrider was drawn to Temple Gate by religion and men wanting to communicate with God. This is because imprinting the belief of God into someone works just as well as the imprinting the images used in the Morphogenic Engine into an individual's head, thus creating a new host for the Walrider.

Peacock performs the sign of the cross, portraying Rudolf Wernicke as God the Father, the Walrider as God the Son, and Knoth as the Holy Spirit. The issue ends with "Amen," and a black ant, part of the Walrider, is shown crawling away.


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  • The Epilogue was originally slated for release on November 15, 2017, but was postponed until November 17.[2]