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"I been... Unborn. Seen too much to keep the faith."
―Ethan to Blake Langermann.

Ethan is a minor character in Outlast 2. He is the father of Anna Lee, the Jane Doe that Lynn Langermann and Blake Langermann come to Temple Gate to investigate about, as well as a short-lived ally of Blake.


Ethan is a member of the Testament of the New Ezekiel, but had soon began to lose his faith in the Testament after his wife became ill and had to be cast out, and after Sullivan Knoth raped and impregnated his 15-year-old daughter Anna Lee. The final straw for Ethan was Knoth commanding him to slice open his daughter's belly and kill her child, after proclaiming that she was to give birth to the Antichrist. Instead of doing as told, he urged Anna Lee to escape from Temple Gate and lied to the Testament followers of her whereabouts to try and guarantee her safety.

Unlike most of the residents at Temple Gate, he does not appear to be severely affected by the Murkoff Corporation radio tower experiment judging by his benevolent personality.


After Blake tumbles off some cliffs, Ethan finds him and helps him up before any other Testament followers find him. Ethan explains to Blake how he has lost his faith over the unfortunate events involving his wife and his daughter Anna Lee. Upon hearing this story, Blake realizes that Anna Lee is the "Jane Doe" he and Lynn are investigating, to which Ethan begs to know if she is safe. Blake lies and says that she is fine. Ethan allows Blake to hide in his cellar and urges him to rest from his concussion, promising to keep him safe.

After Blake rests, he wakes up to hear Marta interrogating Ethan over Blake's whereabouts, to which Ethan firmly denies and requests to speak with Knoth. Marta doesn't believe Ethan and accuses him of being a Heretic, damning him for refusing to give up his daughter to the Testament and lying about knowing Blake's whereabouts before impaling him with her pickaxe, killing him. After Marta leaves, Blake somberly wishes for Ethan to find his daughter in the afterlife and thanks him for not giving him up to Marta.

Physical description

Ethan is a middle-aged man of average stature with partially receding brown hair and stubble. His face has several fresh bruises, more prominently on the left side of his face, as well as a small cut on his bottom lip. Ethan appears to wear a dirty four-buttoned shirt, dark rural trousers and a pair of brown leather boots. Unlike several members of the Testament, Ethan does not appear to have any deformed or repulsive features caused by possible inbreeding.