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Game On (formerly known as Game On Audio) is a motion capture, audio, and localization production company based in Montreal, Canada. They cooperated with Red Barrels on the audio production of their games, including sound effects, voice acting, audio design, casting, directing, dialogue recording, foley, integration, and in-game mixing for the Outlast series.

Work on Outlast series

  • Outlast - Complete audio services: Casting, recording, directing, sound design, foley, integration, in-game mixing
  • Outlast: Whistleblower - Complete audio services: Casting, recording, directing, dialog postproduction, in-game mixing
  • Outlast 2 - English dialog recording, French localization, dialog postproduction, final mix, mocap shoot, mocap animation, casting, and directing
  • The Outlast Trials - TBD

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