Garden Note is a document in Outlast 2.

It is located next to a woman's dead body lying against a tree in Temple Gate Town Square, just to the left of the elevator after escaping from Marta.


DOC VS2 Garden


Before you go looking all over for it or yellin' at me for losin' it, I had borrowed all the grape aid over to chapel for a celebration Paul said Papa had in mind.

I know we ain't got a thing better to cover the taste in the water, but folks will just have to put up with it, I expect. Don't give them none of the Sacrament as its needful for service. I guess we can do without our Grape Aid until there's another run.



  • If the player misses this document in the Temple Gate Town Square sub-chapter, then it is possible to pick it up in The Chapel sub-chapter as long as the player can avoid the pursuing cultists.