Gender Selection in Mount Massive Contracters is a document in Outlast: Whistleblower.

It is located in a room coated with protective plastic after picking up a key in the Hospital.


Gender Selection in Mount Massive Contractors

"CASE MM1200715, UPDATE 271
(form note: all material herein to be transcribed according to form 4083, with forensic revisions as benefits ongoing lawsuit 1200715.)
AUTHOR: Ethan Sriskandaraja
NOTES: This is a request for specific legal consultation in the ongoing lawsuit by Melissa Cho against Murkoff Charitable Psychiatry Inc. (USA) originally filed in 2010.

At the time of Ms. Cho's termination, the psychosomatic effects of the Morphogenic Engine on female employees and patients had been well established. (Already more than seven female employees and patients had reached fictitious half-term pregnancies in a matter of weeks before miscarrying the nonexistent children, five of them fatally.) Female employees were moved to higher floors in the facility, then to other buildings, and eventually off of the Mount Massive facility.

The critical secrecy of PROJECT WALRIDER necessitated secrecy in the motivating factor for the re-assignments and terminations, resulting in perceived injustice from several terminated parties. Ms. Cho has succeeded in acquiring a court-ordered FOIA of the documents surrounding her termination. Those documents will need to be generated and post-dated, providing ameliorating information while skirting the relevant secrecies of the project. Please advise.

Consultant MM214"


  • One of the seven women mentioned in the file might have been Michelle Haas, Murkoff's former IT Engineer who agreed to a severance package proposed by the company in order for them to cover their mishaps.