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Issue 4 (also known as Part 4 and Book 4) of Murkoff Account was released on February 22, 2017.[1]


The Pauls arrived at Boulder, Colorado in search for Waylon Park, only to discover that Park had burned down his house and fled with his family in order to escape Murkoff's clutches. In the wreckage, Paul found Park's family photo, expressing his discontent for the Whistleblower's situation, as he wasn't a fan of their targets having families. Glick made a sarcastic remark that Murkoff doesn't target women and children before apologizing as Paul glanced in her direction.

The two traveled east to Washington, D.C. to look through Miles Upshur's apartment. One of Upshur's neighbors claimed to have seen him recently, noting that the man in question riled up her dogs that were usually fond of him, but the Pauls expressed their disbelief.

While inside Upshur's apartment Paul notices the same ants he saw in Colorado are there and that someone emailed them to Upshur, soon the ants start biting the Pauls, they try running the bath and jumping in to get rid of the ants but it doesn't work, so they take off their clothes and try using hairspray and a gas stove to burn the ants, which works.

The Pauls rush back to their car and Marion, sees the same homeless guy from Colorado while they were at Waylon Park's burnt house. Paul yells at the guy, who starts running away, Paul chases the guy through the streets half naked, and the chase ends underneath a bridge. Paul notices some coordinates carved into part of the bridge and the mysterious guy shows up and is revealed to be Simon Peacock. Peacock tells Marion that who he is working for is evil, and tells Paul he wants to have a spy on the inside secretly working for him but Marion refuses, then Peacock picks up some Styrofoam block and shoves it into Marion's mouth, just as Pauline arrives pointing a gun at Peacock, Marion tells Glick who it is and Peacock says to Pauline, "I'm leaving. Please don't make me hurt you." Peacock starts to run and Pauline shoots him three times but somehow survives, he then charges at her and as she shoots him three more times, as she shoots him his cloak comes off, revealing a ragged, corpse-like body, Peacock tackles Glick and escapes.


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  • The five passwords listed on a note that Glick finds in Upshur's apartment are references to notable detectives, reporters, and investigative journalists. All five passwords are written in leetspeak (note that the image of the note as is seen in the comic is mirrored because Glick is facing the reader):[2]
  • Paul's revelation that the ants encountered in Upshur's apartment are actually infused with nanites stems from his false belief that black ants cannot or do not bite.[2] In reality, all black ants possess some type of appendage that can be used to attack their intended target.


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