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Issue 5 (also known as Part 5 and Book 5) of Murkoff Account was released on April 28, 2017.[1]


The comic opens up with Anna Lee, otherwise known as Jane Doe, running from Temple Gate with another man. It then cuts to the residence of Paul Marion, with his daughter, Alice Marion, noticing Simon Peacock leaving the coordinates to Temple Gate in Paul's mailbox.

Paul then decides to investigate the coordinates. He is in an airport when he calls Pauline Glick about his investigation.

Paul rents a jeep (which breaks down on him), and is stranded in the desert. While trying to find help, he gets hit by the bright light from Outlast 2, which sends him into a flashback of the day his wife died.

After waking up, Paul comes across Anna and the man, who steals Paul's gun.

Paul gets a knife to the arm, and uses it to kill the man. He tries to convince Anna he won't hurt her, but she runs away, and Paul faints again.

When he wakes up, he tracks down Anna and notices she hitched a ride with somebody. He calls Pauline about it, and she goes to find Paul. But, a family finds him and takes him to a hospital.

When Pauline arrives, and Paul tells her about everything, she isn't impressed. She reprimands him and gives him a new suit. They then go see Anna, who was admitted to the same hospital as them.

When investigating Anna, they notice she has a tattoo on her chest: a cross with two intertwining wheels, which is the symbol of the prophet, Ezekiel. She wakes up suddenly upon hearing the name, and goes on a rant about how Papa is not going to take her baby before she has a seizure and passes out. Pauline tells Paul to get a doctor, but when he comes back, she tells him Anna died. What she doesn't tell him, however, was that while no one was looking, she strangled Anna before snapping her neck.

Paul and Pauline get out of the hospital, and Paul goes home to see his daughter, only to find her bedroom empty, save for a message written in blood on the wall, "You work for us now." and a severed finger in a puddle of blood in front of her bed.

Meanwhile, Pauline can't find the body Paul left. Because, earlier that day, Marta found the body and dragged it back to Temple Gate.


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  • Interestingly, the cover shows Temple Gate, while the actual location is never mentioned or shown within the comic's story.