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Josiah is a minor character in Outlast 2. Husband of Mary, he is a Heretic follower posing as a Testament of the New Ezekiel cultist.


Josiah is found by Blake Langermann, husband of Lynn Langermann, the "mother of the Anti-Christ", in Temple Gate's main chapel, eyes gouged out, the word "JUDAS" carved on his bare chest, and strapped to a wheel. He begs Blake to kill him before he's interrogated but Sullivan Knoth and his followers arrive with Josiah's screaming, battered wife Mary. Torturing Mary through racking, Knoth interrogates Josiah for Lynn's location, as she was recently captured by the Heretics. Josiah is at first uncooperative, but the bloodcurdling screams of his wife as she's slowly ripped apart overwhelm him and he admits that they've sought shelter in the mines, giving both Blake and the Testament a new target. Josiah gives Knoth one last insult before he and his wife are put out of their misery, with Josiah meeting his end with multiple ax strikes to the chest and Mary stretched to death. Blake, who watched the torture unfold whilst hiding in a confession booth, records the aftermath of the horrific scene and is disgusted by the Testament's cowardly interrogation methods.