Letter From Val to Knoth is a document in Outlast 2.

It is located in the upstairs room of the nearby house you enter on the desk beside the bed in Temple Gate Town Square.


DOC VS2 LetterFromVal

"Sullivan-- Papa. Ezekiel. Liar. Charlatan. Temple of gout. Addict. Coward. Rapist. Child-killer.

I am gone, and I have taken with me all with the courage to see the truth.

Come after us. Hunt us down. We are waiting and eager to murder and fuck every body you send up to the mountain.

I don't hate you. Could Jesus hate a Baptist for being a Jew? I could not have found my true vision without your years of ignorance and bullshit. I could never have had the courage to seek the truth if not fueled by my anger at your lies.

Your God is a child's superstition. Your faith is an embarrassment.

The signs of the True Father were before you. Before us all. And you-- vainglorious, gullible, too stupid to draw beneath, you thought the visions were punishment from an angry and ominous God.

Your god is afraid because your god is no god at all. Your god is your own ego, vulnerable and false. An embarrasment.

My god is no god at all. But he is true. And he is here in every moment of ecstasy. And his child will fuck and tear this world to everlasting glory.

I do not ask that you join us. I tell you: you will join us. Because our love is greater than you can ever imagine.