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Mary is a minor character in Outlast 2. Wife of Josiah, she is a Heretic follower posing as a Testament of the New Ezekiel cultist.


Mary is dragged into Temple Gate's main chapel by Sullivan Knoth and his men, strapped down to a rack flailing and screaming with her bound, mutilated husband in front of her. Knoth demands Josiah to tell him the whereabouts of Lynn Langermann, the "mother of the Anti-Christ", as she was captured by the Heretics. Josiah refuses to tell, which leads to Knoth slowly and excruciatingly ripping Mary's joints with the racking device until Josiah finally breaks and admits they're in the mines. The rack is pushed to its limits and Mary is gruesomely murdered after Josiah is axed in the chest, Knoth seeing this as "rest", and the entire Testament aim their eyes on the mines.


  • Mary appears to share the same model with the woman chained to a bed as seen in The Show Room recording. Whether it is actually her, or simply Red Barrels recycling models is unclear.