Michelle Haas is a former Murkoff I.T specialist who was one of the many women at Mount Massive to experience symptoms of false pregnancy.


While investigating an anonymous complaint, Pauline Glick and Paul Marion visit Michelle and her assistant Waylon Park. She advises them to visit Richard Trager, since he could have access to onion routing. Later, it was discovered that Trager had raped Michelle. He then gave her an ultimatum: get an abortion or get fired. Since she could tell no one without the risk of being fired, she sent out anonymous complaints in hopes of getting Trager fired or transferred to another facility. Later, Michelle was in the process of having her security clearance revoked by so she could leave Murkoff, as well as a severance package so she could raise the baby without working for the company. Suddenly Trager interrupted the meeting. He called the Pauls liars and then stabbed Michelle in the abdomen with a pair of scissors, before being restrained and apprehended. Michelle was hospitalized, but survived. The event revealed that her pregnancy was psychosomatic. To prevent lawsuits from other female workers who had experienced psychosomatic pregnancies, Jeremy Blaire with the help of Pauline Glick framed Trager and had him taken in as an inmate and used as a test subject for the Morphogenic Engine.


  • Michelle had a framed photo of a cross in her former office with a phrase that read "Heal the Sick, Raise the Dead, Cleanse the Lepers, Cast out Demons". This refers to Matthew 10:8, one of the verses in the Christian Bible.[1]


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