Miscarried Profits is a document in Outlast: Whistleblower.

It is located in a room to the right of the hole Waylon drops through next to Father Martin in the Prison.


Miscarried Profits

Subject: false pregnancies / real profits


Fun hitting the greens last week, we should make the drive more often.

Was reviewing some old test records from the early days of Project Walrider and something sparked my interest. Were you following the project back in 2010? Apparently we had issues with female employees experiencing psychosomatic pregnancies, something to do with how the Morphogenic Engine interacts with the immune system? (All Greek to me. Am I right?) It was more often fatal than not, and these were employees not patients, so a little harder to sweep under the rug. But...

The Morphogenic Engine activity in these ladies' marrow was off the charts. And these are women who were never even exposed to additional hormone therapy. Now I don't know PPM from a kick in the teeth, but I can read a spreadsheet, and if the projected profits from PROJECT WALRIDER are half of what they say they are, I've just got one question:

Why aren't we performing experiments on women? God knows mental illness is an equal opportunity affliction. Seems unethical to pass up on such a potential windfall.



  • The second issue of the comic Outlast: The Murkoff Account presents a continuity conflict with this document. The comic depicts Trager being removed from his position and undergoing Morphogenic Engine treatment around the same time that the psychosomatic pregnancies were revealed at Mount Massive Asylum and women were subsequently transferred off-site. However, this document is written in a way that suggests Trager held his status in Murkoff well after the latter two events occurred. This could be explained by the fact that Trager and Blaire were already aware of the psychosomatic effects on females and attempted to cover it up until, as seen in the comic, they could no longer do so.