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Old Traveler is a document found in Outlast 2.

It is located inside a sleeping bag on the far left side of the lake shore in The Lake, hidden from the rest of the buildings in the area.


DOC RV OldTraveler.jpg

"September 17, 2015

At halfway point between the towers and the subjects, and the signal remains strong. Safe to say any damage the electrical storm caused the relays was minimal.

Damn peaceful out here on the lake. I thought the microwaves were supposed to discourage birds but I've been hearing a few owls that are either killing each other or having better sex than I ever got.

I am going to hike a mile or so closer to the site tomorrow and take some more readings. Had a curious anomaly in the signal strength in the last quarter mile; it actually got stronger as I traveled further from the towers and closer to the site.

Could be an effect of microwave parallax. But there is a more exciting option: it could be the mysterious "feedback loop" Dr. Ewen Cameron noted in his radio telemetry lab. The perceived self-inflicted discomfort and mass capitulation enabling the driven believers into becomes projectors. (Which would be yet another bet I lose, and a dinner I'd owe to Jenny Roland.)

(Note-when transcribing these, please leave out all mention of Ms. Roland. My mind may be wandering to lascivious places in all this nature. And whatever those owls are doing to each other isn't helping. Thanks.)"


  • This is one of the few things in game directly involving the Murkoff Corporation, mainly due to Jenny Roland seeming to be Jennifer Roland who worked at Mount Massive Asylum. It also is one of the few notes not written by any of the cultists, Heretics or the Scalled. The writer of the document appears to be a researcher working for the Murkoff Corporation however their name and fate remain unknown.
  • It is possible that the document's date is a mistake on the developers' part, as everything in-game suggests that the events occurred in 2013. This is also evidenced by Red Barrels noting that Outlast 2 takes place shortly after the Mount Massive Incident.