Our Quarantine is a document in Outlast 2.

It is located next to a resting member of the Scalled just before entering the Scalled villages through a crevice in The Scalled.


DOC SY Quarantine

"Welcome to this place of spiritual healing! You are scared and you are sick. As you should be. And you are filled with shame. As you should be. You know that you would not be here if not for your own sins. But I can make you wonderful and pure again. When all this sickness first erupted and crusted in Temple Gate, Papa Knoth in his wisdom and kindness recognized it for the spiritual affliction it was. Don't believe those crooked and frightened others if they tell you you're sick with the Syphilis or the Gonorrhea or any other outer world lie. This is a sickness of the soul, and only by purging your soul will you find health.

Stay true, stay obedient, to God, and to Papa Knoth and especially to his Deacon, Laird.

God and his prophet love you."