Artist Samuel Laflamme
Released 12/16/13
Length 1 Hour 44 Minutes
Label Troublemakers Inc.
Producer Red Barrels

The Outlast Original Soundtrack is a compilation of soundtracks and music cues created and scored by Samuel Laflamme for Outlast and published by Red Barrels.

The album consists of 41 tracks. An interview of the composer, "Outlast: Composing the Score - Samuel Laflamme"[1], details their creation and composition.

The soundtracks can be bought at the Red Barrels' official website or listened for free on the artist's Youtube account[2]. Additionally, Laflamme uploaded two unreleased tracks for the first anniversary of the game.[3]

Composing the Score

Outlast Composing the Score - Samuel Laflamme

Outlast Composing the Score - Samuel Laflamme

While not being part of the game, this video shows the composing, creation and scoring of the Outlast OST by Samuel Laflamme.



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