Paradise Soon is a document in Outlast 2.

Immediately after escaping from Loutermilch through a locker, Blake Langermann will appear inside a closet. In The Last Supper, this document can be picked up on a desk just beside it after leaving it.


DOC SY2 Paradise


There is nothing so wretched among the
afflicted as self-pity, and I trust you not to allow
yourself satisfaction in such a womanly sin. If the
disciples I have entrusted you to lead are hungry,
and in pain, and afraid, it's a necessity of their
physical sin and the will of God. I send to you all
the food and wine that God wants you to have and
no more. I've had visions of this plague worsening, of
all our suffering reaching a point at which none of
us will be able to further endure. So rejoice! Take
comfort that we will soon reach the center of this
suffering and emerge into paradise everlasting. If
you cannot control your people by your tongue, then
do so by the fists of your mount.

Papa loves you, God will deliver you.

PS- I've included a satchel of the salted crickets
Nick so loves, please see that he gets them and
knows they're a gift from me."