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Prison is the fourth chapter in Outlast: Whistleblower.


Waylon continues on his way to find the short-wave radio, mentioned by some security guards in the Hospital. Entering a security room, Waylon finds the radio. Dialing Leadville's police service, he is about to speak, when Jeremy Blaire appears, beats Waylon with a baton, and destroys the radio beyond usage.

Tackling Waylon, and beginning to choke him with the baton, Jeremy gets off as he hears Chris Walker screaming and bashing a door nearby. Jeremy exclaims, "Do me a favor and die here, Park," before running. Evading Chris, Waylon makes his way down several hallways, and squeezes through a tight gap, impassible by Chris. A warning is then aired over the speakers throughout the asylum to evacuate due to the Variant outbreak. As a reference to the original events in Outlast, Waylon passes Father Martin writing a message seen later by Miles Upshur, saying, "Down the drain".

Going through the same hole that Miles later would, Waylon enters a hallway, with a closed airlock. Rather than Miles' action of opening it, Waylon goes past it, then sees two guards who mistake Waylon for a variant and block him in. After entering another hallway, Chris resumes his pursuit of Waylon, until Waylon reaches a window, jumps out, and lands on a shed roof, and then down onto the Drying Ground.

Video Walkthrough

Outlast Whistleblower Walkthrough Part 4 Prison No Commentary

Outlast Whistleblower Walkthrough Part 4 Prison No Commentary

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  • By looking through the left windows in the final hallway, the player can see the Courtyard's level backdrop and its surrounding areas, although it can be seen that a few details are missing, such as the fences on the stairs, the Administration Block's towers, the Courtyard's enclosed subsection to the right of the Male Ward and the second flight of stairs to the right.