Project Paperclip Excerpt is a document in Outlast.

It is located in the upper right corner of the basement, on a desk, next to a Variant in the Female Ward.


Project Paperclip Excerpt.jpg

"PROJECT PAPERCLIP, Joint Intelligence
Objectives Agency (JIOA) document number 8 of 186, location 230/86/46/5

REF: Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act.

a. The First, PAPERCLIP, provides a means of obtaining services of foreign specialists for specific assignments within the technical services of the Departments of Army, Navy, and Air Force.

b. PROJECT 63 is primarily a denial program with utilization as a desirable feature. The aim of this program is to secure employment in the United States of certain preeminent GERMAN and AUSTRIAN SPECIALISTS, thus denying their services to potential enemies."


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