Request for Reassigment is a document in Outlast.

It is located in one of the bathrooms before grabbing the elevator key in the Male Ward.


Request for Reassignment.jpg

"From: David Annapurna
Subject: Request for Reassignment

To Whom it May Concern,

This is my third time asking for reassignment after two months without an answer. I don't want to work at Mount Massive any more. I have been an orderly my entire adult life, but have never experienced such a consistent level of secrecy and disrespect. I even have suspicions that some of the patients may be being abused. I know personally two of them who have been moved to the basement ward and never returned. If I don't get an answer to this email, I will be forced to resign, and may very well consider contacting the press. Thanks for your time.

David Annapurna."


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