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Sewer is the third chapter of Outlast.


The chapter starts as Miles goes underground through a hole at the Prison Block. He finds a broken wall and uses it to enter the sewers; immediately afterward, he goes through several chambers, enters a pipe, and spots The Walrider as it passes through a tunnel. As he explores the sewers, he squeezes through two sections of wood supports and enters an area that includes a map detailing the layout of that region of the sewers. As Miles walks into the room, Chris Walker jumps down and starts searching for him, making it harder for him to look for and activate the valves. After turning the valves, he returns to the ladder and climbs down to the lower junction. As he moves throughout the region, he finds Father Martin singing on the other side of a pile of rocks, not knowing that Miles is there. Miles enters a room and finds a non-violent Variant, who informs him that Dr. Wernicke is dead.

Miles goes down a ladder in the room, and then into an area where bodies are being dumped. After walking through many tight drains, passageways, and broken catwalks, Miles finds a large flooded area where he encounters Chris again. He then finds a broken ladder, goes up a small staircase that leads to another broken catwalk, and climbs up the ladder. He goes down a corridor that contains an armed Variant, who yells, "Get back!". Miles can back up, resulting in the Variant striking once and then returning to his point of origin. Miles then goes down the hall and through another bloody waterway, and finds a staircase leading up to the Male Ward.

Video Walkthrough


Outlast CH. 3 Sewer - Gameplay Walkthrough HD No Commentary

Notes & Documents

  • The Gospel of Sand can be found next to a broken ladder by going in the left tunnel from where The Walrider emerges.
  • The Doctor is Dead can be unlocked by filming a Variant talking to Miles in the room on the left, after Father Martin starts to sing.
  • Still Bleeding can be found by dropping down a broken bridge into the water and climbing up the other end of it. Moving forward, a room can be accessed on the left, containing the document.


  • Flushed (50Gamerscore.png/Bronze Bronze 240.png) - Drain the Sewers.