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The Skinner Man is a mysterious antagonist in The Outlast Trials. He is a phantom-like entity in a business suit who frequently pursues the Reagents throughout the Trials whenever they suffer from Psychosis. Documents reveal that the Skinner Man takes on the warped avatar of Doctor Easterman.


The Skinner Man shares a resemblance to the Trials' head scientist, Dr. Easterman.

"One of the Sleep Room observers had the gaul to suggest this Skinner Man is a reflection of ME, simply because he overheard Reagents calling it "Doctor Skinner." Ridiculous. I am like a kind father to my patients, and they love me as much as I respect them." ~ Skinner Man Research from Easterman Journals[1]


The Skinner Man's presence in the Trials are only triggered if a Reagent gets Psychosis. This can be caused if a Reagent gets caught and drugged by the Pusher, triggers psychosis mines, thus inhaling the gas, rigged doors or containers, or fails at lockpicking minigames. If the Reagent is only exposed to a small amount of gas, rather than immediately going to attack, The Skinner Man will taunt them by appearing in doorways and quickly rushing straight towards them at exceptional speeds in an attempt to jumpscare them, even though this ultimately does no damage.

While a Reagent is under the effects of Full Psychosis, the Skinner Man will emerge from the floor nearby and immediately begin pursuing them. Unlike the Ex-Pop, the Skinner Man is always aware of where his target is located, making it impossible to hide from him. Rather than attacking through physical force, the Skinner Man will slowly drain a Reagent's life from their body with an "area of effect" aura if a Reagent is in close proximity to him. Once a Reagent cures themselves with an antidote or outlasts the duration of Psychosis, the Skinner Man will cease chasing and sink through the floor.

Much like other antagonists in the Outlast series, the Skinner Man relentlessly pursues the Reagents without stopping. The Skinner Man does not communicate or speak. Unlike most of the other antagonists in the series, the Skinner Man is not an entity that exists, as he is no more than a projection from the Reagents' minds during Psychosis.

Because standard solid objects do not affect the Skinner Man, he shares properties similar to ghosts like the Walrider and Loutermilch. However, despite being a ghost-like thought form, he is still impeded by walls and most solid obstacles, but phases through doors with no effort.

The Skinner Man is able to wildly and erratically contort his body at an alarmingly high speed. This is mostly seen in the form of the Skinner Man grabbing his head with his hands and violently twitching his torso around, which is most likely a reference to the mentally anguishing state the Reagents are in when undergoing Psychosis.

Even though the Skinner Man is a thought-form, he appears exactly the same way to multiple Reagents.


The Outlast Trials[]

The Skinner Man first appears in the Mansion shortly after the Pusher gasses a Reagent, providing a tutorial for the effects of Psychosis. He disappears through the floor after the Reagent takes a nearby antidote.

Skinner Man will appear in each Trial whenever a Reagent gets Psychosis by any means. He will rise from the floor and begin the chase. Whenever he gets close to his victim, the Reagent will scream out in pain and rapidly lose health. This will continue until the Reagent either outruns Skinner Man or is downed by him. Skinner Man always knows the Reagent's location and cannot be fooled by hiding spots. Additionally, Skinner Man can quickly vault over obstacles and walk through doors. The Reagents can either run away from Skinner Man until their psychosis ends, or until they take an antidote.

Doctor Easterman and the other Murkoff faculty members are apparently aware of the existence of the Skinner Man phenomenon with Doctor Easterman himself taking personal offense to the idea that it resembles him in any way as he fully believes that his experiments are helping the Reagents rather than harming them.


Enigmatic and silent, the true personality of the Skinner Man is difficult to pin down. The only definite nature of the man is to follow the Reagents and cause harm to them via sheer proximity. He does not physically attack the Reagents, as he will just stand in place once he has caught up to his target, depleting their health until they enter the down phase.

Physical description[]

The Skinner Man appears as a tall, grayscale humanoid wearing a black suit, loosely imitating the appearance of Doctor Easterman. Whenever he gets close to a Reagent, the skin on his head vanishes to reveal a skull with glowing red eyes. He also has flowing, writhing tendrils that stick outward from his head, appearing to defy gravity. Though he has visible human hands, he doesn't appear to have a neck, as the top part of his body where flesh should be is mostly accompanied by a black mist.


  • The Skinner Man is the second antagonist to appear as a torturous thought form, with the first being the demonic version of Father Loutermilch.
    • Chronologically, he is the first of the two.
  • When the Reagents hallucinate inside the transportation train, the tendrils are seen around them, which also resemble the ones from Skinner Man.
  • There are several people that are aware of Skinner Man's existence: one of the male grunts, a Sleep Room observer[1], Olivier W. Baranczyk[1], a man named Private Raymous[2], the Pushers [3], A. Bradley Avellanos[4], Dr. Wernicke, and the Company Board[4] .
  • Program Geister was approved on the basis of making use of the hallucinating effects and how they combine with the Skinner Man amongst unrelated Reagents. [4]