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Spindletop Psychotherapy Clinic

Spindletop Psychotherapy Clinic is a hospital devoted to treating issues related to mental health in Hattin, Texas.[1] The institution is predominantly known for the murder of four of its residents.[2]


Murkoff Corporation bought Spindletop as part of Jeremy Blaire's "Research Through Charity" with a government contract to help returning war veterans cope with PTSD.[1] However, the company's sole goal was to conduct illegal experiments on patients within their jurisdiction. Sometime after, Chris Walker, a discharged U.S. Military Police Officer, was hired as a security guard to monitor the clinic and patients' therapy sessions.[3]

The Hat Box Murders

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Following the murders of the clinic's patients, Murkoff sent two of their mitigation officers, Paul Marion and Pauline Glick, to investigate the situation and prevent further financial losses. As the Chief Doctor Claymore wasn't directly under the company's management, The Pauls were forced to find another way around his research.[4] This ultimately led them to Chris Walker, the clinic's guard with deteriorating mental health, who had murdered Claymore after their initial meeting and was responsible for the deaths of Spindletop's patients. Following a scuffle between Chris and the two agents, Walker was apprehended by Murkoff's security team and processed as an inmate at Mount Massive Asylum. In attempt to cover up Walker's actions and the company's indirect influence, The Pauls transferred all the evidence to an apartment belonging to Omar Abdul Malik, one of the hospital's patients, and framed him for the murders.[5]




  • Unlike most other locations featured in Outlast's world, Hattin is a fictional Texan urban settlement that does not have a real-world counterpart.


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