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"They killed us. They got out. The Variants."
―Stephenson to Miles

Stephenson, also known as "The Dying Soldier," was a part of Murkoff's personal tactical operators sent to stop the havoc at Mount Massive Asylum caused by its patients.


Stephenson and his team were instructed to infiltrate Mount Massive Asylum and prevent the Variants from escaping by any means necessary. However, the operation fails as Stephenson and his team were overpowered at the Administration Block and were all killed, with Stephenson himself getting impaled on an iron pole by Chris Walker.


Independent journalist Miles Upshur receives a tip about illegal activity at the asylum and goes there, armed with his camcorder. Miles manages to gain access to the asylum and navigates through corridors, which are filled with the bodies of guards, brutally killed by the Variants. Miles goes to the Administration Block and passes through the library, also filled with bodies of guards and doctors, either hanging from the ceiling or beheaded. While a horrified Miles navigates through the library, he notices Stephenson, impaled on an iron pole, seemingly dead. The dead cop suddenly awakens and with his last breath warns Miles not to fight with the strong Variants, tells him to hide, instructs him to escape the asylum by unlocking the main doors from the security control room and that he must escape at all costs from the asylum before dying.

Physical description

Stephenson was a well-built man with a shaved head and brown eyes. Like his colleagues, he wore a heavy flak jacket, fatigues, an Army Combat Helmet and tactical gloves.

Cut content

An unused line of dialogue reveals that Stephenson was suppose to be the infiltration team's squad leader. Additionally, it suggests that the team would have had a cameo in the story, rather than being relegated to the background.


  • Excluding the end credits, Stephenson is never mentioned in-game and is one of the four Outlast characters who were never addressed with a proper name—The other three being the Twins and the Pyromaniac. During the development, the programmers have inconsistently spelled his name as "Stevenson" and "Stenvenson."