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"No. I don't need another performance evaluation. Mr. Park here is gonna have us up and running before we even know it. Right, Mr. Park?"
―Steve questioning Waylon about having the computer systems running.

Steve is a scientist working for the Murkoff's science devision. He is seen in the beginning of Outlast: Whistleblower, in the Underground Lab.


Nothing is known about Steve, but he is a scientist who works for the Murkoff Corporation. He, along with other scientists, works in the Morphogenic Engine room.


Steve is seen in the beginning of the game at the front terminal, impatiently awaiting Waylon Park's arrival to the Morphogenic Engine Room. When Waylon arrives, Steve asks of him to establish visual connection with one of the glass spheres. While doing so, the science division brings one of their test subjects, who manages to escape the guards' grip and runs towards reinforced glass, frightening Waylon and begging him for help. After Eddie was forced into the pod, Steve manages to calm Waylon down and tells him to proceed with his work. Waylon establishes the connection and is asked by Steve to vacate the premises, saying that he should expect nothing but honesty in his performance review.

Steve is not seen ever since, and his fate remains unknown.


Unlike his colleagues, Steve has a friendlier approach, addressing Waylon as "friend" and telling him that he should expect nothing but honesty in his performance review - though he compliments Waylon's skills with a slight tone of mock. Despite this, like most of the scientists, he is still impatient.

Physical description

Steve appears as a middle-aged man with fairly toned skin and blue eyes. As he works at the Morphogenic Engine, he wears a blue hazmat suit to protect himself from the machine's effects, as well as black Chelsea boots and matching chemical gloves.



  • Steve and Andrew share the same character model. The model's dubbed as "Scientist Licker" in game's files.