Sundries from the Sinful World is a document in Outlast 2.

It is located on a bench next to the room with the generator in Temple Gate Town Square.


DOC VS2 Penissilon


I need to talk to you in deepest secret cause of youre knowing of the unctures and such and medicines.

I hope you know I do not trade any more words thans strictly needful when we make the trip in the damned world for gasoline and electricals and other such necessaries as we can't make.

I've got something friendly with the publican boy who sells us the pills Papa needs and when I mentioned them as "study aids" the boy laughed and said a body didn't need "Penissilon" for studyin unless a body was studyin "gash". Have you heard of such things? I do not want to ask Papa for fear of I do not know what. But I do not want to accidentally poison him neither. Please come to see me.