Testament of the New Ezekiel is an antagonistic cult led by Sullivan Knoth that appears in Outlast 2. The group resides in a remote settlement known as Temple Gate.  The cult's insignia is a cross with two interlocking wheels in reference to the prophet Ezekiel's vision. Their goal is to prevent the Anti-Christ from being born through systematic child murder. In reality, it is likely that they do not have any divine visions, but have been driven insane by a malfunctioning experiment created by the Murkoff Corporation

The sect has two splinter groups that accompany it throughout the outskirts of Temple Gate - The Heretics, a separate cult who believe the Anti-Christ should be born, and The Scalled, former members of the Testament devolved into freakish monstrosities via severe diseases and exiled out into the nearby forests. 


As Blake and Lynn Langermann investigate the murder of a Jane Doe, they're led to the canyons of northern Arizona. Because of the location's inaccessibility by road vehicles, the two take a chopper which ends up crashing in a narrow ravine due to issues with the chopper's engine. Blake wakes up some time after, only to discover that Lynn's missing. Venturing deeper, Langermann soon realizes that he's been stranded in a remote village that's inhabited by a cult who believes that the end of times is upon them. The Testament intends on torturing and murdering Lynn and her unborn child as they believe it's the Anti-Christ, however she escapes and is kidnapped by the Heretics instead. The cultists spend the entire night relentlessly pursuing Blake throughout Temple Gate, occasionally clashing with the Heretics due to their polar opposite views. It can be assumed that the Testament won the civil war and all Heretics are killed. By the end of the game, every last member of the Testament, including Knoth himself, have committed mass suicide, mostly via what appears to be cyanide poisoning evident by the cyanide bottles laying around, as they failed at their goals as Lynn gave birth to the "Anti-Christ", and that Knoth can no longer hear God.


The followers of the Testament of the New Ezekiel are maniacally devoted and loyal to Sullivan Knoth and the word of the so-called God he speaks of. Most of them are completely insane and cannot tell the difference between reality and fantasy anymore, which is probably the result of the microwave radio towers placed around the area by the Murkoff Corporation. They follow the "Testament of the New Ezekiel", a religious text written by Knoth that calls him God's prophet and is also heavy with sexual imagery, in addition to religious imagery. Even though they cut themselves from society at large, they still go to the "outside world" to buy medicine and batteries for their equipment. While some members of the cult relish in killing their own children to prevent the birth of the Anti-Christ, others deeply regret what they've done and hate themselves and Knoth for committing and ordering such an atrocity, as seen when Blake enters a room with coffins filled with the skeletons of children while a nearby woman cradles a doll and sings a lullaby to it, her voice breaking and on the verge of tears while ignoring Blake's presence. Ultimately, a combination of madness, guilt and their faith in Knoth and his God prove to be the cult's undoing as all the members commit suicide via poisoning when their mission to prevent the Anti-Christ's birth failed.

Physical descriptions

The majority of the Testament followers appear to range from being middle-aged to elderly. While many of the villagers have relatively ordinary physical appearances, others appear to have deformed and repulsive facial features, suggesting that some of them are inbred. The Testament followers wear rural, outdated clothing which would have been considered ordinary clothing many decades before the date in which the game's events take place. Some of them even wear rags and are barefooted, while others simply wear overall suspenders and nothing else. On the other hand, rarer examples of Testament followers who predominantly live near the chapel appear to wear executioner hoods and robes.

Notable Members


  • The cult was inspired by Peoples Temple.[1]
    • One of the more notable pieces of evidence behind the inspiration is at the very end of the game, in which Blake sees that all of the cultists at the Temple Gate have committed suicide, a parallel to the Jonestown massacre. This is further supported by the large amount of cyanide bottles laying on tables outside, which is what the Jonestown members used to kill themselves with.
  • The biblical Ezekiel was a Hebrew prophet of the 6th century BCE who was exiled to Babylon in 587 or 597 BCE and called for the Jews there to return to godliness and faith. He is the author of the Book of Ezekiel, which is named after him.



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