When Miles finds them standing behind a locked gate.

  • Twin One: Who's this?
  • Twin Two: Maybe Father Martin's man.
  • Twin One: Maybe.
  • Twin Two: He looks nervous.
  • Twin One: I would like to kill him.
  • Twin Two: As would I.
  • Twin One: The preacher asked us not to.
  • Twin Two: It would be impolite.
  • Twin One: Not here.
  • Twin Two: We give him a running start?
  • Twin One: There's an idea.
  • Twin Two: And when we kill him, we kill him slow.
  • Twin One: Such patience.
  • Twin Two: I want his tongue and liver.
  • Twin One: They are yours.

Upon meeting them behind another locked gate after passing through an airlock.

  • Twin Two: We gave him a chance.
  • Twin One: That we did.
  • Twin Two: I'd say we were more than fair.
  • Twin One: Paragons of patience.
  • Twin Two: Job-like in the suppression of our desires.
  • Twin One: But now.
  • Twin Two: Now.
  • Twin One: Now we indulge.
  • Twin Two: Yes.
  • Twin One: His tongue and his liver.
  • Twin Two: Yours.
  • Twin One: Mine.

Upon encountering them in the showers and climbing out a window to escape.

  • Twin One: My god, he vanished.
  • Twin Two: Vanished without a trace.
  • Twin One: I detect sarcasm.
  • Twin Two: It was my intention.
  • Twin One: He thinks we're assholes.
  • Twin Two: Or stupid.
  • Twin One: Let's pull him in and slit his belly open.
  • Twin Two: Wait. Just a moment.