The Wernicke Exit Interview is a note in Outlast.

It is acquired by recording the film playing in the cinema in Return to the Administration Block.


"The man sounds like Dr. Strangelove's anemic brother. It's a twenty-five year old audio recording, an interview with this Dr. Wernicke. Los Alamos means government work. Wernicke talks about spontaneous bleeding, tumors, psychosomatic reactions in sufficiently disturbed people. Seems to walk a line between science and Nazi mysticism.
"Only a test subject who had witnessed enough horror was capable of activating the engine." The Morphogenic Engine.
The Engine. The movie they're projecting. It gets in my head like a song you can't stop humming.
I blink and I see Rorschach tests that look like swarming insects and infected surgery wounds.
The patients talk about using the Engine to conjure the Walrider. It's the buzzing I hear in my bones."


  • Dr. Strangelove refers to the 1960s black comedy movie, Dr. Strangelove. Miles associates the two, due to the titular character being a wheelchair-bound nuclear war expert and a former Nazi.