• Why did you make such changes without running it by anyone? What's the point of having the race and nationality section when they're almost all from US and why remove the appearances section?

    The rearranging on Outlast 2's page is not accurately represented. Gameplay always comes first, then plot and finally the other elements that revolve around the game, miscellaneous, marketing etc.

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    • I think that the Appearances section has been renamed to Games, but I gotta say, the nationality parameter was removed in the first place because it was unnecessary, though what I don't think is a very good idea is adding race and ethnicity. From what I know, race and ethnicity are the same thing, except one of them is really poorly recieved among communities, and I think we can all guess which one.

      Alternatively, the addition of the Documents and Notes section are a very good idea—I already had to look through pretty much all the Documents and Notes just to find the ones talking about a specific thing, so adding those would help a lot.

      On an unrelated note, I'm not completely sure we need a cause of death parameter, since we could just fusion it with the Death parameter. What do you think?

      EDIT: Oh, also—Affiliation. I don't know when it was added, but I'm pretty sure it's unnecessary, since pretty much everyone is against everybody else.

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    • I added affiliations to describe their partners, not in a sense who's allied with them. Like Waylon's kids and wife, Blake's wife, Jeremy's allegiance to Murkoff etc.

      EDIT: I think we could keep the cause of death parameter, imo, it kinda works.

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    • I made the changes because the previous design was extremely poor and unorganized. I also removed the Appearances section because it was unneccesary when it can be added under Game Information which is where that respective information belongs.

      Race and Ethnicity are indeed different -- race is determined by your skin color (black) and ethnicity is based on cultural ancestry (African-American). I'm alright with either or being removed, but I think we need to keep at least one. It hurts nothing adding someone's race to their infobox, especially since we're a wiki and need to include information like that (that is what infoboxes are for). As for the nationality, I also think it should be kept for the same reason. And not everyone is American, some can be different, such as Rudolf Wernicke being German. These types of information needs to be noted.

      As for the Cause of Death parameter, it should stay just to reduce the size of the Death parameter. And like NewGen said, Affiliation is based more on a group/partner, like Jeremy Blaire - Murkoff Corporation and Sullivan Knoth - Testament of the New Ezekiel.

      I'm open for discussion about the infobox, but I mainly changed it because it was poorly design and organized and needed some fitting parameters.

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    • Simply having a parameter for Appearances help a lot, since it's one of the main information someone would need, but I'm okay with it being placed somewhere else.

      Everyone in the game is white, so no need for a “race” parameter, and ethnicity can be specified in the premise, which is why it was removed from the old-new design, not because “everyone is American” but because we can include it within the first sentence of the page, and I think you know me enough to know I wouldn't leave out any type of information :)

      About the two other parameters, I'm alright, I just thought you'd prefer to have that more detailed, or a little shorter, I don't have a peculiar input on this.

      And yeah, it is poorly designed, but the design hasn't really changed one bit. Only the way the code is arranged, which I thank you for. I think we'd all like the infobox to look better, but we don't really know. Also, isn't the infobox a little too wide compared to the older ones?

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    • Well, if you guys agree on removing the nationality/race parameters, that beats 2-1 so I can't argue. Although, I think we should keep the general design and organization the way it is, and keep the appearances under Game Information.

      As for the width of the infobox, NewGen mentioned it to me before and I notice what you mean. I looked into it and I really couldn't find a way to shorten it -- I'm not exactly familiar with this new infobox system yet. :/

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    • I guess we should keep nationality, but remove race/ethnicity. Ya know eg Miles is American and Rudolf Wernicke is german. Also there maybe somwe characters in Outlast 2 that might have ifferent nationalities.

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    • @Ninja, yeah, the only way I found to reduce width seemed a little archaic and I didn't completely understand it, so I preferred to leave it be.

      @Araogo, shouldn't we wait for Outlast 2 before we add a nationality parameter, then? Because including a parameter for only one character doesn't seem like a great idea - I have no problem with including it in the future, but now we need to focus on what we know, not on speculation, see what I'm saying?

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