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    22:06, April 22, 2017

    So guys!

    Yesterday Polygon released 10 minutes of gameplay! In the gameplay we can see he opening scene with the helicopter. Judging from the gameplay the note system has been replaced with the footage recording system, there is a healing mechanic, document system has been updated as well as the father of the Jane Doe that we meet at the end of the 4th issue of the comic book. Beware of Spoilers!!



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    • Why couldn't they just shut up and let us see. Them talking really distracted me from seeing the gameplay, and the fact that they skipped the footage is annoying as hell.

      Still liked the gameplay. Can't wait to play the full game.

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    • It's a preview, it's suppose to hype people with some fresh new content, not provide a playthrough for the game.

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    • I'm glad they didn't show the entire hour of gameplay, I want to be able to go into the game relatively blind.

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