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    10:47, February 8, 2018

    I like how the Murkoff Corporation seems to be populated exclusively by psychopaths and sociopaths, right down to the receptionists. lol

    It's not even like most 'evil corproations' in fiction, whose employees are typically amoral and don't show any empathy for human 'test subjects' - in Murkoff they all seem to actually enjoy the pain caused by their experiments, like they're getting some kind of perverse kick out of it.

    It's like Red Barrels sat around and thought "Shall we attempt to make Murkoff a realistic portrayal of a company that is so focused on profit the employees have sacrificed all feelings of basic humanity, empathy or remorse? Nah! Let's just make 'em deranged psychopaths in suits!" :D

    I love it.

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    • I'm guessing it's because all of the non-cartoonishly evil employees are disposed of, ala Waylon.

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