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This timeline lists all known events in the Outlast franchise.


October 20
Rudolf Wernicke is born in Germany.[1]


Unknown date
Sullivan Knoth is born.[2]


Unknown Date
US Chemical company Murkoff is exposed selling weaponized Diphosgene to German forces.[3]
September 6
A report is written in Berlin regarding the progress of Dr. Wernicke's work on the Morphogenic Engine.[4]


During Project Walrider, Wernicke records three instances of spontaneous bleeding. Half a dozen test subjects begin to develop brain tumors. Autopsies reveal the tumors are pure lead.[5]


Unknown date
The OSS initiates Operation Paperclip, recruiting scientists from Nazi Germany to conduct research for the USA.[3]


Unknown date
Dr. Wernicke emigrates to the United States as part of Operation Paperclip.[6]


Unknown date
Shirley Pierce is committed to Mount Massive Mental Hospital for hypnotherapy treatments due to bedroom-inspired hysteria and marital issues.[7]


February 10
Misses Jackson and Pierce are subjected to experiments by the CIA as part of the MKUltra program, regarding which they have total amnesia.[8]
April 30
Rudolf Wernicke is officially recorded as citizen of the United States.[1][3]


Unknown date
Dr. Bruce Newhouse starts working at Mount Massive on hypnotherapy treatments for patients, during which time he treats Shirley Pierce.[9][7]
April 15
J. Lawler budgets and authorizes continued research into Dr. Wernicke's Project Walrider as part of Project MKUltra.[10]


Unknown date
The Murkoff Corporation conducts group experiments for CIA program MKUltra.[3]


May 21
Father Clarke conducts sermons for patients at Mount Massive Asylum.[9]


Unknown date
Shirley Pierce ceases being a patient at Mount Massive.[7]


Unknown date
Bruce Newhouse leaves employment at Mount Massive.[9]


November 26th
Sullivan Knoth works as a shoe salesman in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He receives his first vision from God while listening to the radio.[2]


Unknown date
Eddie Gluskin is born.[11]
Three scientists are murdered by an unknown patient at Mount Massive Asylum for the Criminally Insane. Authorities order the asylum to cease all activities.[3]
Knoth and his followers live communally on a luxury ranch owned by a wealthy woman named Lydia Degan. He records “The Gospel of Knoth.” With a warrant for health and safety violations, New Mexico police raid the ranch and arrest a dozen cult members. Knoth barely escapes with a handful of followers.[2]


Unknown date
Mount Massive Asylum ceases operations. Murkoff buries evidence of its crimes.[3]


Sullivan Knoth sacrifices an eye in exchange for his vision of Temple Gate. He and his followers caravan out into the Arizona Desert.[2]


Unknown date
Mount Massive Asylum is shut down amid scandal and government secrecy.[12]
Sullivan Knoth and his followers build Temple Gate in the Havasupai Indian Reservation.[13]


Unknown date
CIA Director Richard Helms orders all MKUltra files destroyed. A small number of documents survive.[3]


Unknown date
Frank Manera is born.[14]


Unknown date
Murkoff expands mind control programs for public testing. Mass suicides ensue.[3]


Unknown date
Chris Walker is born.[15]


Unknown date
Blake Langermann is born.
December 27
Dr. Wernicke conducts an exit interview in Los Alamos, New Mexico regarding his work on the Morphogenic Engine and Project Walrider.[5]


Paul Marion passes the State Bar exam in Ohio.[16]


Unknown Date
William Hope is born.[17]


Blake Langermann, Lynn and their classmate Jessica attend St. Sybil High School. Jessica is found dead after having presumably committed suicide.
Unknown Date
Blake's parents die within months from each other.[18]


Unknown Date
Alison Marion is born.[19]
Anna Lee is born.[20]


Unknown Date
Joanne Marion dies in the hospital of a rare blood disease.[21]


Unknown date
The Murkoff Corporation purchases the Spindeltop Psychotherapy Clinic in Hattin, Texas, as part of Jeremy Blaire's "Research Through Charity" initiative.[16]


Unknown date
Simon Peacock leaks Murkoff files and disappears.[22]


Unknown date
Paul Marion and Pauline Glick are partnered as Murkoff Insurance Mitigation officers.[16]
Dr. Wernicke moves to the Mount Massive Preserve to do charitable work for the Murkoff Corporation.[1]
Late 2008
Marion and Glick solve the Hat Box Murders at the Spindeltop Psychotherapy Clinic.[16]


Unknown date
Mount Massive Asylum is reopened by Murkoff Psychiatric Systems for charitable work.[12][3]
Chris Walker is interned as patient.[16]
William Hope's mother Tiffany responds to an advertisement for free psychiatric care in the paper to get her son help for his clinical depression and disordered sleeping.[17]
February 28
Dr. Wernicke is officially pronounced dead at the Mount Massive Preserve.[1]
April 12
Billy starts consultations for the Morphogenic Engine program.[23][17]


Unknown date
Murkoff has issues with female employees experiencing psychosomatic pregnancies based upon the Morphogenic Engine's interaction with the immune system.[24]
Melissa Cho files a lawsuit against Murkoff regarding the termination of her contract at Mount Massive Asylum based on gender selection.[25]
November 1
Frank Manera starts consultations for the Morphogenic Engine program.[14]


January 28
Chris Walker starts consultations for the Morphogenic Engine program.[15]


October 4
An anonymous employee at Mount Massive complains to Human Resources on safety conditions at the hospital. The Pauls are sent to the asylum to investigate.[26]
Richard Trager is fired from his post as executive in Mount Massive and interned as patient of the Morphogenic Engine program.[26]
October 28
Last corn harvest in Temple Gate.[27]


Unknown Date
Murkoff subsidiary Heartland Springs Charity begins construction of three Alsab-built water purification plants in Detroit.[28]
Helen Granat begins removing Wernicke from structural and financial systems at Mount Massive Asylum.[29]
Patients 14306-8, 14279-1, and 14868-1 are transferred from Project Walrider at Mount Massive Asylum to the Zeichner Facility.[29] [30]
Jennifer Roland requests reassignment from Mount Massive and is involved in experiments at Temple Gate.[31]
January 7
Three more members of Temple Gate are sent to live with the Scalled. Val takes seven more orphans under her care; over forty orphans in total.[32]
February 14
Eddie Gluskin starts consultations for the Morphogenic Engine program.[11]
March 9
Val sacrifices six orphans. She receives more visions regarding the infanticides Sullivan Knoth commits for the Testament of the New Ezekiel.[33] She starts to question her commitment to the faith.[34]
May 9
Miles Upshur publishes his article The Devil's Bargain on the history of the Murkoff Corporation's manipulation of the global water crisis and human rights violations.[28]
June 17-19
Val's vision of another God become clearer and she fully embraces her own faith, taking other Heretics with her as she departs the Testament of the New Ezekiel.[35][36]
September 17
Waylon Park leaks information regarding the experiments at Mount Massive Asylum to Miles Upshur. He is consequently arrested and processed as a patient.[37]
September 18
The Mount Massive Asylum Incident takes place. The events of Outlast and Outlast: Whistleblower occur. Waylon Park escapes Mount Massive Asylum.
Waylon Park meets with Miles Upshur and Simon Peacock, releases his footage of the incident to expose Murkoff, sets his home on fire to get rid of any evidence or leads, and flees with his family.[19][22]
Paul Marion and Pauline Glick investigate the Mount Massive Asylum Incident. They search for Waylon Park to prevent leaks incriminating the Murkoff Corporation, but are unsuccessful.[19][22]
Late September
A few days after the Mount Massive incident, the Pauls follow Miles Upshur's bank account activity to Nathrop, Colorado. They meet William Hope's mother Tiffany Hope and discover he has survived Mount Massive. Murkoff believes they eliminated Billy's manifestation of The Walrider, but Paul is not certain after he witnesses it switch hosts.[19]
Paul Marion conducts a forensic gaslight to discredit Waylon Park's video.[19]
The Pauls investigate Miles Upshur's residence in Washington, DC. A neighbor states she has seen him, although he has been pronounced neutralized by the Murkoff Corporation. The ant colony from Colorado destroys any evidence left in his apartment. Paul discovers that they are being followed by Simon Peacock. Peacock gives Marion coordinates to Temple Gate and asks for his help in destroying Murkoff. Paul refuses.[22]
Simon Peacock contacts Paul Marion at his residence with the coordinates, claiming his daughter Alison is connected to the experiment.[21]
Paul chooses to disregard Pauline's orders not to investigate and flies to Arizona. He follows the coordinates and falls under the effects of the Radio Towers. He encounters Anna Lee and her uncle Paul, whom he kills in their confrontation. He passes out from his wounds as Anna Lee flees.[21]
Anna Lee is found wandering on a stretch of the highway, ultimately picked up and taken to a hospital where she gives birth to a baby boy. Paul Marion is also taken to the same hospital.[38] [21] Pauline Glick strangles Anna Lee to death at the hospital in order to cover Murkoff's tracks and contain evidence of the Temple Gate experiment.[21]
Paul Marion discovers upon returning home that Alice has been kidnapped to force his cooperation.[21]
Anna Lee's uncle, Paul's body is brought back to Temple Gate by Marta.[21]
Blake Langermann and Lynn Langermann take an interest in the Jane Doe story and investigate. Pauline assigns Paul to the case to prevent the Langermanns from uncovering the truth of Anna Lee's murder.[39]
Two weeks after the events of Outlast: The Murkoff Account Issue 5, the events of Outlast 2 take place.[39]
The Walrider destroys Murkoff's Radio Towers in Temple Gate. Seven hours after the destruction, Pauline Glick and a Murkoff cleanup crew arrive. The only survivor found is Blake, now in a catatonic state. Pauline orders him to be taken away to the Elrich Black Site facility to be interrogated with Morphogenic Engine compatible technology.[39]
Meanwhile, Paul Marion is interrogated by Simon Peacock, who needs his help finding The Walrider.[39]
Unknown date
Simon Peacock is pronounced dead.[19]
Paul Marion turns himself in to an FBI office in Detroit, MI, after doing an unspecified amount of damage to the Murkoff Corporation. He confesses his crimes while being treated for a head wound, which must be operated on due to a severe infection.[16]
Pauline Glick recovers at a Murkoff Rehabilitation Center with a wounded arm and tells the mitigation agents hunting down Paul her side of the story.[16]


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