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Underground Lab is the first chapter in Outlast: Whistleblower.


The chapter opens up with Murkoff scientists strapping a barely conscious Waylon Park to a chair. While prepping him for the experiment, one of the scientists learns that Billy Hope has achieved "a lateral ascension" with the project and leaves in a hurry, leaving Waylon to be psychologically tortured with Morphogenic therapy.

Two hours prior to the previously mentioned events, in a dark server room, Waylon writes an email to investigative journalist Miles Upshur regarding Murkoff's illegal and inhumane experiments. Though uncertain of his actions, Waylon decides to send the email; he is then interrupted by a colleague who informs him that he has been paged to the Morphogenic Engine's main control room.

Once there, the scientists ask for his assistance with fixing the program of the main console. While he is doing so, one of Murkoff's test subjects, Eddie Gluskin, manages to escape the guards' grip and runs towards the reinforced glass between himself and Waylon, pressing up against it and begging him for help; this frightens Waylon. After Eddie is restrained and forced into the Morphogenic Engine's pod, Waylon manages to establish the connection and is asked to vacate the premises.

Upon returning to the server room to retrieve the laptop, he's ambushed by Jeremy Blaire and a group of security guards who shove him to the ground. Blaire mocks Waylon for trying to email Upshur and forcibly volunteers him for the Morphogenic Engine; on Blaire's orders, two of the guards knock Waylon out cold and take him against his will to a restricted experimentation room.

Video Walkthrough

Outlast Whistleblower Walkthrough Part 1 Underground Lab No Commentary

Outlast Whistleblower Walkthrough Part 1 Underground Lab No Commentary


  • The game prevents Waylon from running while at the Morphogenic engine room.
  • The reveal post states that Waylon sends the email to journalists around the world. However, the game shows Waylon sending it to Miles exclusively.