Val's Secret is a document in Outlast 2.

It is found within the compound basement in The Compound, located next to a dead body laying in what appears to be the entrance to an oubliette in the center of the room.


DOC Crash ValSecret


As you got Papa Knoth's ear I'm asking that you tell him a worrisome story that I hope is only my fears and nothing factual. The chief among his deacons, Val, came to me before sunrise this morning with an offer that was not fully described. Val acted like somebody offering something secret and sexual in nature. But my knowledge of Val and his character, it frightened me terribly and I would not accept any such invitation. Val would not further explain, and told me that "there are places in our hearts Papa Knoth cannot reach" thought truth be told Val seemed more interested in other areas of my body. I asked Val to return this evening once I had a chance to think it over, but it is only so that Knoth may send some men of firm character to secretly witness what I suspect is blasphemy and betrayal and cut it off before any harm is done. I hope Papa can help, as I am dreadful scared.

- Ruth"