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Variant Postmortem is a document in Outlast.

It is located in room A 004, lying on the table in the Underground Lab.


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(form note: all material herein to be transcribed and revised to fit legally binding requirements of Murkoff Corp. records. See form 4083)

AUTHOR: Jennifer Roland 
NOTES: My fourteenth autopsy of a Walrider patient, showing no more signs of accepting the therapy than any of the others. There have been slight gains in cell migration and morphogenesis (including effects similar to Human Growth Hormone), but nothing to suggest the stable creation of a sentient, independent swarm. So tired. Doubting my judgement. Will submit another request for leave. The psychological cost of using such far gone and further provoked patients is more than I feel I can handle.

May suggest hanging less hope on the far-flung theories of a senile Nazi and move towards using a simpler mechanical engine based on major sperm protein.

Will definitely suggest harsher chemical restraints. Murkoff Security killed patient 921 after he overcame enough tranquilizers to put down a hockey team. I'm afraid the Hormone Therapy is interacting with our chemical restraints in a counterproductive manner."