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You Promised Me A Rose Garden is a document in Outlast.

It is located in the left corner of the room next to the one where Miles falls through the floor in the Female Ward. It is an excerpt from the diary of a former patient, Shirley Pierce.


You Promised Me a Rose Garden.jpg

"(Excerpt from the diary of Shirley Pierce, Mount Massive Mental Hospital Patient, 1952-1964)

How can I not remember where the cuts are coming from? They hurt so deeply, even days later. Doctor Newhouse tells me that it's my fault, I'm subconsciously resisting the hypnotherapy. But I want so much to get better, I don't know how I could be doing this to myself. Dr. Newhouse says it's another condition of my bedroom-inspired hysteria. Poor Bruce, I make him suffer so.

I've tried, subtly, to ask Mrs. Jackson if she's had similar "issues" with her husband, but she is loathe to talk about it. Her husband, too, has found comfort in a younger woman.

I know the doctors only mean well, and with the help of the government men who've joined the staff, I am in the very best hands possible. I should just take my pills and sleep, hope for more pleasant dreams tonight."